Hi. I'm {{iluvtvtropes}}, a relatively new troper here who discovered this site and fell in love with it. I also blame this site for decline in health, social life and lost revenue as I have literally spent the entire waking hours of a few weeks reading all the different tropes here (I kid about the blame part, but sadly not everything else)

Hmm, let's see...a few things about me. Originally I was thinking of just putting this page up and letting other tropers build this page themselves (they would build this page based on opinions or facts formed from my edits), but then I decided that that probably wouldn't work all that well. So here's some stuff about me.

Well, I'm an aspiring writer (aren't we all, hehe). Since I don't have anything real to show for it yet, I guess I'm a pretty pathetic one at that. I'm an [[SnarkBait admitted]] and unapologetic snarker as you can probably tell from the vast majority of my edits.

Uhhh...what else. Well, I actually ''do'' have a million story ideas I'd like to see come to fruition. A lot of them involve {{Cat Girl}}s. [[SoBadItsGood Either they're as good as I think]] or I'm just delusional.

As you can probably tell at this point I'm an anti-social/suntan {{Otaku}}.

Just to prove the above point, I'm trying to work on an {{Inuyasha}} {{doujin}} with a complete stranger who can draw better than me (because [[YouSuck I flat-out suck as an artist]]). As it is FanFiction and I don't want to become a case of SmallNameBigEgo I'll end mention of it for now, though I will say works like SailorNothing are an inspiration. So feel free to run away now.

In either case it'll probably be [[StillbornSerial stillborn]] anyway.

Other than that, my main hobby is [[WildMassGuessing tending to the potting soil]] of EpilepticTrees. As you can see, quite a few theories have been proposed by me, the vast majority of them quite bizarre and almost always involving a crossover. I believe that everything's connected to each other - [[{{Inuyasha}} Kagome]] stumbled upon a [[StargateSG1 stargate]] and ran into a evil [[DoctorWho Time Lord]] who has to be stopped by [[StarTrekTheNextGeneration Captain Jean-Luc Picard]] of the USS [[StarWars Millenium Falcon]].

Well, that's pretty much it. My offer to freely add info to this page is still up, so feel free to add whatever you want. And if I don't like it, I'll delete it, and you can try to add it in verbatim ''again'' :)

Also, I have an EvilTwin known as '''"iluvtvtroeps"''' [[RougeAnglesOfSatin created when I misspelled my name and accidentally hit "Create Know-ledge!" instead of "Already known, just bake me a new cookie"]]

Below is an incomplete list of some of my favorite creative works, filled in as I feel like it:

[[AC: Favorite Manga Series]]

* ''YokohamaKaidashiKikou''
** as the count stands now, I've contributed over 6,000 words to its [[{{WMG/YokohamaKaidashiKikou}} WMG page]] (the vast majority of its WMG page, in fact) and who knows how many wiks. As a friend once said, if I had put that much energy into something actually creative, original, and not based on the [[{{TheXFiles}} Fox Mulder]] School of Rational Thought, I'd have written a pretty damn good book by now (he went on further to say that this is proof that I'm obsessed and that I have no life)

[[AC: Favorite Anime Series]]

* ''{{Eureka7}}''
* ''CowboyBebop''
* ''{{Trigun}}'', one of my absolute favorites
* ''{{FLCL}}''
* ''GreatTeacherOnizuka''

[[AC: Favorite Non-Anime Series]]
* ''SamuraiJack''

[[AC: Favorite Live-Action Sci-Fi series, TV or film]]

* ''StarTrek''
** ''StarTrekTheNextGeneration''
** ''StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''
** Yes, ''StarTrekVoyager'' and ''StarTrekEnterprise'' are [[DisContinuity ''decidedly not on the list'']]
* ''StarWars''
** [[FanDumb not the prequels]]
* ''{{Firefly}}'', both the movie and series

[[AC: Favorite Literary Sci-Fi series]]

* ''EndersGame''
* The ''Homecoming'' series, also by Orson Scott Card
** Just to show that I'm not a complete OSC fanboy, not a big fan of either ''Treasure Box'' or ''Empire''
** On that note, I do really like his ''Folk of the Fringe'' anthology
* [[strike:Almost anything written by Larry Niven]] [[ProtectionFromEditors Oh My God he writes some horrible crap now!]]
** Let's just say ''TheMoteInGodsEye'' and ''{{Ringworld}}'' for now
* Very much into NeilGaiman

[[AC: Favorite Sci-Fi Video/Computer Games]]

* ''TIEFighter'' (my absolute favorite video/computer game of any genre; [[SmallNameBigEgo don't mean to brag but]] I did create the article for that one)
* ''SecretWeaponsOfTheLuftwaffe''
* most flight sims, actually
* ''HalfLife''
** ''{{Portal}}''
** ''CounterStrike'' and ''TeamFortress2'' are my absolute favorite FPS games
* The ''CommandAndConquer'' series, especially the ''Red Alert'' series, [[strike:my most favorite RTS games of all]] [[strike:I forgot ''{{Homeworld}}'' existed]] [[RedsWithRockets Then Red Alert 3 came along]]
* ''{{Homeworld}}'', ''really'' my most favorite RTS game of all time and probably second of most favorite game of any genre next to ''TIEFighter''
* rather than listing a lot of games, I'll just say I'm a Nintendo/Mario fanboy

[[AC: Favorite Misc.]]
* ''GoodEats''

[[AC: Favorite Cartoons He Likes To Watch To Prove He's Mentally Much Younger Than He Looks]]
* ''{{Chowder}}''
* ''TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy''
* ''EdEddNEddy''

[[AC: Favorite TV Trope]]
* WildMassGuessing, as if you had to guess :p

[[AC: This Troper Is An Example Of:]]
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* WallsOfText
* [[LumperVsSplitter A splitter and lumper]] for [[TVTropes this wiki]] and ThatOtherWiki, respectively. Yeah, I suppose it's a bit weird that I'd be one for one wiki and the other for The Other. Sometimes I may decide to {{Subvert}} myself depending on the article.
* EntryPimp, especially for ''YokohamaKaidashiKikou'', ''TIEFighter'', ''SciFiDebris'' and for whatever reason the trope ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
* MadeOfLose: ''Very'' much so

[[AC: Trope pages I've actually created]]

...actually, I prefer to stay mum on this subject. Partially because, well, to be honest, I've rather forgotten which ones, but also I don't want to develop a case of SmallNameBigEgo, so I'd rather just leave it at that. After all, the tropes themselves are the important things!
The only thing I will say though is that I ''didn't'' actually create the YKK WMG page, though as I've already admitted (at last I knew) I did create most of the content on there. And, as I've also admitted, it's not exactly something to be proud of, really.

Oh, and I ''did'' admit to creating the TIE Fighter page. But I [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] that one so HA!