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Ienjoypaste, better known as Seth Williams (or, occasionally, The Goddamn Duck) is a pharmacy technician in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He likes webcomics of all sorts, writing, and cooking.

His only published works so far have been in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine and Dragon, the former a game review, the latter a collection of rules for card games within Dungeons & Dragons - yes, he created the rules for the official D&D variant of poker.

He tends to avoid Take That! posting, preferring to find tropes not yet on the page, or to elaborate on the ones that are... but Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped, hence why the D&D page now has an entry for Screwed by the Network.

He's doing a Kickstarter for a game project! Give it a look!

Tropes that Ienjoypaste is an example of include: