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G'day mates, this is Idioteque, known on Fanfiction and Deviantart as "The Sarcasm Master." I'm an avid writer and a fairly new troper, so let's see how this works!

    Tropes Pertaining To Me 
    My Interests 
  • Total Drama: The main fandom I write for, and the only one I'm actively a part of. If you'll check out my profile you can see more, but here I'll just say that World Tour and Island were the best, followed by Pahkitew then Revenge. All-Stars...not so much. It's just me.
  • Homestuck: I just recently got into this and OH MY GOD IS IT AMAZING. All the characters are wonderful and the plot is so amazingly complex, I just...I can't. XD I can't.
  • RWBY: I was introduced to this via my best friend and am I glad he did! I love this show, its fight scenes, its characters, its plots, and I look forward to Volume 3 and hope that it is a fitting tribute to Monty Oum.
  • Red vs. Blue: I never thought a comedy about a couple of soldiers sitting around in a box canyon could rip out my soul. It did.
  • Gravity Falls: Recently got into this and holy fuck is it amazing. Literally the best cartoon EVER.
  • Steven Universe: Ditto.