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  • I Like Nike Shoes is basically what you get when you cross Mysterious Watcher with the occasional editor.

  • I Like Nike Shoes likes a conversation and happens to have such a name for their love of the brand and their liking of the association the name has with the Greek Goddess of Victory. Also it's easier to call the troper Nike than the entire thing.

  • The troper is stuck somewhere in the Middle East but isn't exactly from around there. Does not happen to be an Arab Oil Sheikh. Basically just native to Asia (not all Asians are the same ) residence or otherwise. For more understanding of the amount of variation that the troper can have between their place of stay and actual nationality; within Asia itself; please check Useful Notes/Asia .

  • I Like Nike Shoes likes reading tropes, playing video games and is an avid fan of Assassin'sCreed and loves watching Anime.There are too many all-time-favourites in anime to name but is a major Slice of Life and Dragonball fan, not to say it's the only not Slice of Life anime Nike likes. But Anime is basically what got Nike started on troping around.