Tropers / I Cant Think Of A Witty Name

Describe myself here. Hm. I shall endeavour to do my best...

High school student living in Sydney, Australia. Or close enough to it.

My life is pre' sweet, considering. I mean, it's not all sunshine and rose petals, but, you know, it's impossble to go through a bramble bush without a wound coming out at the end of it.

My interests are:

My personality includes the following:
Apologizes a Lot: Almost constantly. If it has a sorry in it, it's me. I also thank people a lot and ask if what I'm doing or about to do is 'okay.' I seek approval, it's in my blood. 8D
Big Eater: I enjoy my food. A lot. It shows on my stomach. A lot. TT^TT
Large Ham: I tend to act loudly when I'm with my friends. Example:
Me: *jumps in front of where they're sitting* WHAT IS THE AIR SPEED VELOCITY OF AN UNLADEN SWALLOW?!
Didn't work though.
Handicapped Badass: I have partial hearing loss in my left ear, so I'm handicapped. Still workin' on the badass though.
Horrible Judge of Character: Cannot pick up on any personality traits WHATSOEVER unless they are so glaringly obvious a blind man could spot them. I need a great big giant herp derp. So here it is. A GREAT BIG GIGANTICABUS HERP DERP.
Silly Rabbit, Romance Is for Kids!: Yeah. Mix in Jade Coloured Glasses with three heaped tablespoons of All Love Is Unrequited and a dash of human stupidity and serve. Sometimes humans simply amaze me...
I just realized that whenever I click onto Brooklyn Rage, I read it in a Brooklyn accent.


Paper rape? Sounds painful.

paper rape? what do you mean, paper rape?
  • That's the beauty of it — I HAVE NO IDEA.

Hamster jelly.