Tropers / Hummerwibble

Hummerwibble, as in Axel Hummerwibble, alias Author X, alias Axel Bard/Axel the Bard, alias Pants O. Matic. None of these are his real name, but one must allow one one's vanity, after all. Mostly just of Bob and George Message Board fame.

Doesn't visit the site much, though it has given him a much better vocabulary for observing and describing his various sources entertainment, except when he looks up one article, which links to two or three more that sound interesting, which lead to two or three more each, which go on and on and suddenly it's dawn. Is somewhat of a renaissance geek, being actively interested in Anime, Video Games, Manga, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, the occasional book (when time permits), and even still watching cartoons... just the good ones, though.