Tropers / Hot Headed Astronomer

Hello to everyone! Hot Headed Astronomer here! As you could probably tell by my title, I both love astronomy and have a short temper, even though everyone I know online tells me that I have the patience of a saint. I tend to snark a lot, but I am anything but deadpan. Think Professor Fate from The Great Race. I am a complete Sci-Fi and Fantasy geek, though I also dabble in all sorts of things.

Boards I post on, and what I go by on those places:
  • Galaxy Zoo - Xander/Xander2 (First account ended up getting screwed up. Had to create second.)
  • Starfleet Jedi - Khas
  • ASVS - Khas
  • StarCraft Legacy - Hellgrinder
  • Troll Kingdom - Charlemagne
  • Fallen Fiction - Gul Dukat
  • Star Fox Galaxies - Taran'atar

Despite the fact that I post on Troll Kingdom, I do not troll the other boards I post on. In fact, not too much trolling goes on on TK these days anyway. In fact, I'm regarded as a positive member on well, all these boards.

I am also working on 3 mega-crossover fanfics. They are:

Koprulu War - StarCraft / Star Trek / Battlestar Galactica / Star Fox / Babylon5 crossover. Takes place during the events of StarCraft II. The idea of the plot started out as "What if the Romulans, the Cylons, and the Lylat System were all in the Koprulu Sector?", and expanded from there.

Fluid Power Evangelion - Star Trek: Voyager / BattleTech / Warcraft / Stargate SG-1 / Warhammer 40,000 / The Wheel of Time / Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover. The plot? The United Nations Star League, or UNSL - basically a cross between the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek and the Star League from BattleTech - finds itself under attack from four nightmarish foes. The Necrons, The Ori, Species 8472 (called Undine in this, after their Star Trek Online name), and the Burning Legion, all attack more or less at once. One of the few bits of hope for humanity is that these enemies hate each other as much as they hate the UNSL. Said setting is used to tell the stories of both The Wheel of Time and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Although, there are some differences, such as the Angels' origins, the nature of the AT Field (it's really a weave of the One Power in this), and the Human Instrumentality Project has been replaced with the Human Ascension Project, but otherwise, everything else is still there. Oh, and Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara pilot EVA Units 07, 08, and 09, respectively.

I also have one more, that is sure to blow everyone away... P.S. I really think there needs to be a Hammy Snarker trope.