Tropers / Hoodiecrow

Used to be quite active here, but severe depression in the last few years has reduced that to near zero. Occasionally checks in to make a minor edit or see what happens to 'his' pages.

I've created the following articles: Main.Diesel Punk, TabletopGame.Tunnels And Trolls, Characters.Keychain Of Creation, Film.The Lost World, Creator.Ake Ohlmarks, and Creator.Leigh Brackett.

I haven't started, but have done a lot of editing on, the articles Punk Punk and Stock Dinosaurs (True Dinosaurs).

I'm actually not 100% in agreement with the rules of Example Indentation, but nevertheless I've cleaned up some pages in accordance with them: RealLife.Cool Plane, Main.Our Werewolves Are Different, Music.Queen, Main.The Magic Goes Away, Main.Flight, Main.Ace Pilot, Main.Significant Greeneyed Redhead. I'm not watching all of those, so if you see illegal indentation somewhere that happened since then it's not my fault.

Some quasi-random words: Tropes, Plots, Conflict, Books on Trope, Tropes of Legend.

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