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A Daydream Believer Stepford Un Smiler Extreme Doormat Welshwoman who was once a Promoted Parent and often has to be reminded of the Power of Trust.

Himu would add stuff here, but Himu is too lazy. Also, never call me Himochi. Because Himochi is short for Himurrochi. Which is short for Himuro Reiichi. If you call me Himochi, I will probably laugh (or at least be amused). So call me Himu. Unless you are JulyFlame of the PPC, in which case, tell me how nicknames don't *work* that way.

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The mask of my online self. It tends to change depending on what people say about me. Just to try and stop people hating me. Ah well.

Feel free to vandalise my profile anywhere beyond this point! Just remember: BULLETS AND SIGNATURES, PEOPLE!

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