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Tropers: Heraklinios
The troper who thinks he's not human. Sort of.

This troper is one of the most lazy uploaders there are on However, when inspiration hits, he enters berserk writer mode.

No really.

He also tries to free to world of these evils. Somehow. However, it seems he really doesn't care...

But hey, you can't just kill every fan with those likes...Right? Also, analysis have confirmed his alignment as Chaotic Neutral. He isn't as happy as he thought.

This troper is author of the Touhou fanfic Human of the Other Side. It started as a low idea, but thanks to a "certain user" who told him about this page, he was inspired.

That said user now blames himself of what he has done.

He created a monster. In a sense. But not THAT monster.

Also, he's a fan of SamJaz's work. In addition, you may note that his work is really really influenced by various factors.

You know the most dangerous part? The future of his fic is NOT set. That other user now fears what he could do...but at the same time, he gave up.

Open up your world!

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