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Tropers: Hekireki No Makai
Yes. Yes you are.

Never forget the Great Time Warp Derail of 2012.

Just some space for image macros that I plan on uploading in the future. As you can tell, I'm kind of obsessed with Alucard.

  • You never told us you made a crossover with Kingdom Hearts. — angelistoftenshi
  • Needs moar image macro - Legionnaire
    • Working on that.
  • I don't think this page encapsulates the true horror of your evil. But then...what can? - suspiciouscookie
    • I'll take that as a compliment. XD
  • Nooooo! My Aqua! I saw her first! D: *clings* - Hobgoblin
    • The hell you did. XD
    • You're both wrong, she's mine! XD - Tvtropesnoob
      • Yeah, it's not up for debate. She's mine and mine alone. XD
      • *steals Aqua while you're not looking* ~ Folt
      • Hm? Oh no you don't! *stabs knife into the back of your neck and takes her back* MINE! >:|
      • *steals her again* =P ~ Folt
      • ...*decapitates you and steals her back* MINE AND MINE ALONE! *puts anti-Folt seals on page*
      • *steals her again* =P ~ Folt
      • Goddammit! *steals her back, cannibalizes your body and escapes with her to a dimension that can be reached by no one else*
      • *steals Aqua yet again* It's fun teasing you! ;P This will be the last time though. ~ Folt
      • >_> *takes her back*
  • You're not evil. No way. - Turtle
    • Aw, thanks man. :) That's only because I don't hate anyone I interact with on this site.
  • I seriously doubt you're evil, lol. Far too nice to, say, slaughter a bunch of kids while laughing. :P OH, AND I SHALL NOW VANDALIZE YOU!!!!!! *sprays paint everywhere* - Tvtropesnoob
    • Bah, evil is not affected by paint. XD
  • Evil Aerith says hi! —Serenitas
    • It is a pleasure to have you on my page, Evil Aerith. XD
  • I am the Alpha and the Omega! -the Grey Area (AKA Meatfucker)
    • Wait who are you? =o

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