Tropers / Hammas Haukka

HammasHaukka (it is supposed to be written without a space in between. Why it splits the name, no idea) is a person. He is of the male gender. He does not feel like making a Text-Wall profile. That's because he's lazy.

Lest he forgets: Feel free to post whatever you want on his Profile as long as you don't do it anonymously. He hates ninjas.

Also he might actually make this profile bigger. At some point. In the future.

  • Hello! Glad to see a new face here. Can I call you "Ham"? -Globster A Go Go, A.K.A Mobile Leprechaun
    • sure go ahead, as long as you don't try to eat me
  • Hi~ I kept seeing you around here and thought you were a female. A person who gives kick-ass advice? -gives the Bug of Honor- Looks like Mobile set sight on the same cool person, huh? :D ~ Yinny
    • Well I generally have an easier time talking to girls so it might have something to do with that :p