Tropers / Halfway Home

Halfway Home is a creator of several universes in his spare time. As a young boy, he found that he could spontaneously mold alternate universes into existence like an artist molds a statue out of clay. He has visited a couple of them but refuses worship because he doesn't believe in any gods.

Otherwise, he sits on his ass at his home, plays video games, and listens to indie music.

Some of his favorites bands include The Strokes, TV on the Radio (he takes his name from one of their songs), Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Arcade Fire.

He loves Nintendo, as is first video game console was a Nintendo 64. He's all about Mario, Metroid, and Zelda.

Being a geek, he's also into comic books, but also feels he subverts the stereotype somewhat. Superman and Scott Pilgrim.

He doesn't quite know what occupation he will pursue in the future, but he has ideas.