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Cast Calculus

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"This gon be good."
The official second in command and founding member of the Agressors he is the heart of the team usually there to make a Memetic Mutation work in the team and generally bring good cheer and comfort to all!......Unless you harm some one on the team then he will go Agressor 2000 on your ass.



The Agressors awkward commander and chief he leads the charge and plans some insane missions a man who is perpetually angry and Hot-Blooded enough to burn the sun when he bleeds with a adoration of swords and a penchant for pure insanity!



A friend of Joseph Patrick and even Clare although not yet n official Agressor the offer is there. [[folder:Joseph]]


"I accidentally clicked the red button."—>— - Kahlil Walker, October 2013
The Agressors muscle meister Kahlil does most the heavy lifting he also makes for awesome comic relief but dont let his big stupid exterior fool you beneath all that idiocy lies a devious stratigic mind.........sometimes [[folder:name]]


......"Wha? know what I'd rather Not know"
The Agressors prime stratigic comander and master of direct forging there is little he is truly incapable of aside from attending meetings at a constant intervle mind you its not his fault


Puppy-Dog Eyes and the most adorable smile! The Agressors Nevada representitive currently tasked with holding back Satan he is a master at making things better and quite intellegend being the teams ace in the hole


"I'm going to kick Kahlil in the shin now"
The team wildcard and idea forger Clare and Al both work on designs but Clare in preticular works toward planing of missions and coming up with ideas on how to do things she also seems to be able to by pass burn proof armor


The teams sage of wisdom Buzz always seems to have the answer or will try to help in times of need he is somewhat quiet and more relaxed hen the rest of the team but gall darn it if he does not have that Agressor spirit.


"Do you really think you can match this Awesomness? Your welcome to try."


"Well that escalated quickly."
The teams stealth and assault expert master of destruction be it de railing trains or De-railing conversations T.j. will find a way.

Lizard man ((Second Joe))

"I dont like the cold it's a florida thing."
The teams Floriden member he rarely has time but when he showes up one better "get ready".


The teams primary meatshield secondary muscle and a loyal well meaning team player who takes the abuse rather well mind you he relies a bit much on guns he is relatively new and strangely everyone is compelled to mess with him even more than Kahlil. —-Villains


The Canadian Empire

The most politically correct Villain ever

Dio Bowie