Tropers / Haken Browning

This article is about the contributor. For the fictional character of the same name, see the Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier Character Sheet.

-Haken Browning taking his ham to critical mass on 4chan's /m/, just before Anonymous and pals upped the game by also making him an Alternate Universe counterpart of Tony Stark

In the beginning, there was Andy Waltfeld, and life was good.

Then GuavaMoment and Jade Star found out there was Andy Waltfeld, and they were not amused. So Guava killed him in Lobsterman fire. But the Sun took pity on the beleaguered Troper that fateful day, splitting his Kingstone in half in order to resurrect him and grant him the powers of Cautious Editing Judgement.

What neither the Sun nor the Goons figured on, however, was Andy coming back wrong. Imbued shortly before his death with a knack for writing Lemons, Andy Waltfeld was mutated into a Child of Lust, assuming the form of Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier's resident Chivalrous Pervert, Haken Browning. From there, he's...well, he's pretty much squandered his gift, really. As Haken, he continues to write lemon fanfiction incorporating a variety of mecha anime memes, Toku references, and increasingly over-the-top kinks - generally because a considerable faction on /m/ and rare elements of parts beyond tend to approve.

Also in the works is a clean, Endless Frontier-flavored Fuku Fic known as "Lewd Kamen Senshi Haken 1/W00". The long and short of it is, Haken finds himself having to juggle being the gunslinger you know and love from the DS game with being a Spring of Drowned Girl victim, a Sailor Senshi, and a Kamen Rider. A Troper Works page will be opened once Haken is certain it's as Crazy Awesome as his own horribly inflated ego.

The stuff Haken's perpetrated outside of TV Tropes can be found on the SRW Fanfic Recommendations page - and more directly, his personal blog.

As for the things he's done and plans to do here, here's the edits and watches Haken plans to carry over as his Old Save Bonus from Andy:

And the new victims watches: