Tropers / Gyerfry

Gyerfry, to put it bluntly, is simply human. Or occasionally a wolf. It really depends on how he is feeling. The same applies to his gender. He, as you can see, has a very strange and unpronuncable name. He is an artist and part time school girl. Or maybe it's schoolgirl and part time artist? We can never really tell. He is known to be extremely lazy, and will blow people off with a simple "yeah, yeah..."

If the world blew up, Gyerfry was involved in some way. If Chuck Norris got hit my a truck, it's because Gyerfry should be more careful of what he wished for. If yo mamma broke her back, it's because Gyerfry stepped on a crack. In short, everything is Gyerfry's fault. You can blame Gyerfry for anything. If you die a lot on a video game, it's because Gyerfry hacked and made your weapons 50% deficient. If you just found out that there's no episode of Vampire Diaries today, it's because Gyerfry thought that it was another show created to make money off Twilight. If gay marriage was just made legal in your state, it's because Gyerfry supports it. Screw you, Gyerfry!

Gyerfry contains examples of: