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Everything I know about sex I learned from the internet.

Hi tropers!

I've been stalking this website for a while now, but I only joined in recently, so there's still a lot I don't know. I've made a few minor contributions, but nothing worth mentioning, really. And now for some shit you don't care about:

According to My Heritage I look uncannily like Clara Bow, but I don't really see it.

I'm on the quieter side and I guess I come off as pretty unapproachable to some people, but I'm actually pretty friendly. That being said, if anything I say on here comes off as rude/harsh, I swear I didn't mean it! Let's see, what else should you know about me...

I stay up until the latest hours of the night (or the earliest of the morning) downloading music and...other things off of shady websites. And I have mild trichotillomania, which means that I compulsively pull my body hair out (and has nothing to do with anything). Not enough that it's been noticeable yet, thank God. I have an unusually long list of fetishes for a girl my age (16), including (but not limited to) Crossdressing, Yaoi, Incest, Vampires and Bifauxnen. Strangely enough I come off as being pretty innocent in real life, probably thanks to the quiet thing (or because most of the people I hang out with are older than me), which earns me some pretty weird looks when I mention things like harems or gang bangers.

So... I'm probably the most eccentric member of my family, but I'm also the most level-headed. That's not saying much, considering I have one bipolar sister, another one with yangire tendancies (sorry yangire/yandere fanboys, but if you hit on her I'll have to kick your ass. No one messes with my sis, even if she is crazy) and a mother who acts more like a teenager than I do. Yeah.

Things I Fangirl Over:

Thanks for visiting me! Feel free to vandalize! Goodnight everybody!