A lazy and [[{{Nerd}} Nerdy]] {{Geek}} who enjoys reading and playing VideoGames.

[[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/lb_i.php?lb_id=13245186070B83200100 Thrill as I test my sanity and endurance with fanfiction nominated by you, yes you, to read!]]


Yay vandalizing! -{{Tropers/LeChuck4}}

All work and no play(in WAOA, anyway)! -{{Tropers/Hydronix}}

Congratulations. You lost the game. - {{Tropers/DJMarred}}

The Captain of Excellence was here, and she says her profile page is better than yours~!-{{Tropers/CaptainExcellent}}

The faeries came to this poor malnurished page to feed it vandalism! - @/StolenByFaeries