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"The point behind a great story is to have a good plot. The plot of a story is what I see as the most importent part, as it is the driving point of the entire story. If you don't have a plot, you can't have character development, no Big Bad, no Hero... no story. It just doesn't work that way."

"Let me tell you a secret... Water... is wet."

"The secret to love, freedom, and the right to live freely is a strong suspention of disbelife, a big smile, a truckload of confidence, and the ablity to ignore the haters."

Hello there. Welcome to the Contributor Page of Gunlocker Glock.

Gunlocker Glock is not a well known person on Tvtropes, but is known in various parts of the gaming community for several reasons, some good, some not so good.

So Yeah... Not totally sure why he is speaking in the third person, but it sounds kinda cool, so he'll stick with it.

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  • None Yet, though he is planning on writing out a description for the d20 System

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PULL! -shoots!- -Dark Lady Celebrian
Gunlocker Glock is a Pretty Cool Guy, eh likes More Dakka and posts in Forum Games and doesn't afraid of anything. -signed, Kinkajou

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