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Sorry, The Black Goat of the Woods is not currently in his office. Leave a message after the beep. *Beep*

— A Wise Man.

I am Pan. Great God Pan. Black Goat of the Woods, Lurker behind the Veil, Lord of Space. Etc, etc, etc. Welcome to my realm, mortal thing of flesh.

Truly, you should feel blessed to be in my presence. To be able to look upon my visage alone is a fortunate gift. One, sadly, not many share. These wallpapers weren't always red, you know.

So. Make yourselves comfortable. And help yourselves to some tea. All I have is Earl Gray, mind you.

You wish to know more about my human vessel? Oh, very well.

Hello, my lovelies.

Like Linkara, I've been a longtime reader of t.v tropes, but never actually bothered to join. Well, I finally caved in, and here I am. I won't give out much personal information (Since I'm a paranoid fart. And the thing in the closet will get me.), but I'm 18, resemble your typical asian nerd, and am available (Laaaaadies).

My interests are tend to be at odd sides of the spectrum. I like Lovecraft, ancient mythology, P Terry, Christopher Lee, and canned peaches. I'm also fancy myself an artistic hack. Here's my deviantart, not that you'll take a look.

I'm a big comic book nerd. Fables and Hellboy are amongst my favorites.

I'm happily Evangelical Protestant, and am rather happy for the recent removal of the IJBM section (At least from the dark rumors I hear.)

And in case you haven't noticed, I have a liking for snark, self deprecation, and understatement.

So. Hi-ya. :/


My edited Pages

Skulduggery Pleasant: Just provided a WMG.

Nehrim: Oooh, MAJOR update. Still need a pic, though.

Amulet: Another big 'un, since in my opinion, it Needs More Love. Still needs work.

Here, you may sing praises unto me, mortals. SING!

  • I, the person who claims to look like Kotohime from Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream, has unlawfully vandalized this page! Let us rejoice in this breach of justice!also jcruz
  • I did not find any hint of your snark, self deprecation, or understatement on this page. I also did not find you lovable.
    • Then you might want to invest in some glasses, eh?
    • What if I'm blind? —Amused Troper Guy
  • Always nice to meet another Mad God, though I am more of a Humanoid Abomination as it tends to attract less chosen ones, anyway we should conquer a world together one of these days, that might be fun. — Gray Sloth