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Tropers: Gray Sloth
"Did you really think I couldn't follow you here? No universe however large however small is denied to me."
Ivo's Android "Amazo" in the Justice League
Fifty shades of trope

I am a 21 year old human with the desire to gain vast Psychic Powers, I would like a kind of 360 degree mental vision possibly based on electrons which would give me both microscopic vision and true 3d vision, unlike just eyes I would be able to see all aspects of an object at once like the back, side, and even inside, I would extend this power to not just seeing electrons but controlling them with a magnetic like influence which with those powers together grants a great deal of potential. I can appreciate that this would require a great deal of brain power to accomplish and to do so means becoming a form capable of processing all that information, without suffering Sensory Overload, that could no longer really be called human. I believe that this would make me pretty close to the Ultimate Life Form being able to quickly learn and adapt to any environment, and possibly evolve beyond what even I can imagine, And yes I am aware I sound a little A God I Am.

The Gray in my name represents my belief in a Grey and Gray Morality world and that all "meaning" is an invention of humans and does not exist in the universe and is of no consequence, so in my wild arrogance I think myself an Übermensch. The Sloth comes from my view "The Greatest mistake a Character of fiction can make is being a character in fiction" meaning if your life is dramatic enough to be a story then your doing it wrong, and the most powerful choice anyone can make is to do nothing, so I have great respect in what sloth represents.

I fully think myself a villain and believe Bad Powers, Bad People so to be more Pragmatic I have carefully read the Evil Overlord List to become as Dangerously Genre Savvy as possible and evade the typical Villain Balls.

If you could not tell by all the blue words on my page I love speaking tropinese and generally being Troperiffic, but I will keep it to just my pagesnote .

If you want to read my opinion on the now old "New Content Policy" for Tvtropes go here.

Tropes that my powers will grant me

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These are all the powers that my three base powers: mental X-Ray Vision, Telekinesis, and Super Intelligence will give me together, though being some combination of Pacifist I will not get very much use out of most of them considering fighting would not be helpfully as it risks exposing me and would most likely end in me dead given the nature of my power.

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Some Of My Favorite Media, That I may use my vast powers to vist one day



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Those who have made it to the bottom of my page, please put your names below here, for you deserve great praise for conquering such a Wiki Walk.

  • I, Lindaeus, have read through this page, and can with great conviction say that Sloth would make for one fine overlord. Stay awesome, buddy.

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