Tropers / Granadaland Dreamer

A teenager living in a dinky little town in the middle of nowhere.

The main claim to fame about my town is that we had a movie filmed here. Unfortunately, it was this one. But Kevin Costner went to high school here! For one semester. But we were in 24! But... it was the one season, they didn't even film here, and most of them mispronounced our name. We were also mentioned in Moneyball because our team was affiliated with the Oakland A's... basically, my town is basically a Z-lister.

And that sucks.

I love logos, designing logos, and Oddity Archive, Vinesauce, JonTron, Justice and Game Grumps to name some of my subscribed list on YouTube.

So yeah, a teenager in a town that's known in Europe because of that movie. Although one GOOD thing has come out of here; I made a reference about The Dark Half during a GPM stream of Youtuber's Life and even submitted a piece of art based off of the Signet massmarket cover. And then I come onto the Vinesauce funny moments page and see that, under GPM's tab, my reference was in there! And that is something.