A contributor who loves pie, and also comic books.
That says nothing, now that I think about it...
My name is Max, a 15 year old New Yorker. I love most comic books, and can always be counted on to espouse rage at FanWank, or just new trope examples. I like some anime, most notably OnePiece, and am far into the realm of Webcomics.

{{Flash}}, GreenLantern, {{Batman}}, and the JSA are my faves. A girl who can rattle off some comic trivia, or just be geeky, has my heart. No such luck as of yet. I've contributed to more articles than I care to mention, since I don't count them up. But, if you see some poorly formatted, irrelevant edits, count on me!



!![[AC:Just a little ''present'']]

!![[AC:From one [[{{Blackmoon}} troper]] to another]]

!![[AC:It's a severed head... I do hope you don't already have one]]

!!![[AC:I don't think they'd let me return this one]]

[[AC: Note from {{Thnikkafan}} to [[GolemTheTroper Golem]]: Start your DnD game already!]]

*KidSidekick: Fortunately, his choice of uniform is much classier than Robin's and involves a NiceHat. -{{Haven}}