Tropers / Glacial Eidolon

Glacial Eidolon is a fanfiction writer of little fame and little regard. His works are neither well-known nor particularly astounding, though he often takes measures to circumvent that. Nevertheless, he is firmly dedicated towards improvement, along the way hopefully becoming a splendid writer.

He is not poor or pitiful by any means, but... can be hard on himself.

He isn't a man who defines himself by his role models, his interests, the groups he belongs to, or the products he buys, and finds that basing your character on that is rather silly. He actually has no role models except for himself, making it that much more disappointing whenever he fails... but it allows him to push himself that much harder. It's worked very well, though, gaining him a good amount of abilities over the years.

He also has a ton of Moral Dissonance. What he appreciates and likes to see is not nearly what he is. He likes to be The Stoic but is prone to getting angry at the most inopportune times, very simple everyday occurrences are Paranoia Fuel to him, and he can't help but suspect that everybody around him knows a lot more than what he knows. He also doesn't handle stress very well, as it saps the energy completely out of him... for about ten minutes, at which point he sits back up as if nothing ever happened.

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