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A (somewhat) skilled film student, obsessed with the concept of villains and how sympathetic/cool they can be. He's been known to side with the villain in almost every film he's watched, even if their complete bastards, with the exception of one GLARING exception. He spends his day either writing, playing video games, reading manga, going onto TV tropes or watching TV, sometimes more than one at the same time

His unoriginal name is based partly on irony, for while his hair is indeed bright ginger, his gracefulness leaves a lot to be desired (He Once threw a dart into the back of his own head...... somehow) The 666 comes from a childish interest in hell. gingerninja honestly wants to have a tour of the place someday

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  • Ahem.
This is a poem,
To show how owning,
A bit of this world can be,
There are trees,
and bees,
And cool-ass Socialists,
Like you and me!
This is dedicated to you,
My friend,
I hope Socialism, never ends! - Inhopelessguy

Hi! I've just sent you a message. Best of luck on your film career!

Wow. Not many vandals huh? - Spirit

Hey. Give it a chance, huh?