Tropers / Gigawolf 1

A big fan of Shounen, Seinen, and WMG.

Some of This Troper's WMGs include:

  • Grand Fisher is still alive.
  • Grand Fisher is one of Aizen's experiments.
  • Grand Fisher's Lure is now its own entity, named Yammy Rialgo.
  • Zanpakuto spirits and Hollow forms are (literally) the same thing.
  • Vasto Lorde (or an equivalent) are Captain-level Shinigami who undergo complete Hollowfication, or possibly the Soul Society term for the Vizard.
  • Based on the above, Aizen's current plan is to transform (some of) the Vizard into complete Hollows, or at least involves said transformation.
  • Shunsui, (maybe) Joshiro, and Old Man Genocide have been involved in Aizen's plan, or have their own evil plan.
  • Espada aren't confirmed dead (in this troper's mind) until they've been seen disintegrating, with the possible exception of A.A., and most of them will pull Heel Face Turns.
  • Assuming the above, Harribel will join the remaining captains in fighting Aizen.
  • There will be a massive reiatsu-based explosion that destroys either Fake or Real Karakura Town. Expect a (possibly brief) post-apocalyptic arc.
    • This idea is based on a manga-format dream, which went approximately as such: Uryuu thinks that combining attacks might help beat Aizen. Shinji tells him not to do it. Ichigo and Aizen are fighting, with Ichigo unable to do any damage. Aizen mocks him by telling him that his plan involves the situation becoming so desperate that a Quincy, able to draw in spirit particles, does something with someone else's power that causes a huge explosion. Cue blue arrows and giant fireball. There was also a scene where Hollow (second form) Bankai Ichigo flies over the scorched crater.