{{This Troper}} made flesh! I will try not to be {{That Troper}}. I mostly lurk, but now that I've stopped being lazy and added myself to {{The Contributors}}, I'm getting a little rush of {{A God Am I}} from all this editing business. You may yet see more of me.

{{GhastlyOneEyedMinno}} provides examples of the following:

*{{Big Eater}}
*{{Brilliant But Lazy}}
*{{Cute Bruiser}}
*{{Deadpan Snarker}}
*{{Extreme Omnivore}}
*{{Obfuscating Stupidity}}
*{{Older Than They Look}}
*{{Pale Skinned Brunette}}
*{{Perpetual Frowner}}
*{{Technical Pacifist}}
*{{The Daria}}
*{{The Spock}}
*{{Vitriolic Best Buds}}
*{{Wise Beyond Their Years}}