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Tropers/GermanTroper is, as his name says, a troper from germany. He is excellent (well, pretty good) in reading and understanding english, though his english writing skills are rusted from lack of practice. He has contributed to several articles and YKTTW for ages and now feels it to be time to become part of the community.

Started the following articles:
* QuestForGlory (My favourite Adventure and WestRPG series)
* ToughActToFollow
* OtogiJuushiAkazukin

Started the YKTTW to the following articles:
* CallForward (via VuDeja as UnknownTroper in the YKTTW. The actual article was heavily rewritten and then started by someone else)
* GratuitousGerman
* TradeSnark
* ThatWasObjectionable
* YouWouldntKnowATrope
* KeepItForeign

Troper traits:
* NeedsMoreLove - (Tends to edit/whip up articles as he watches the respective shows)
* GratuitousEnglish
* NeedsABetterTitle - I couldn't come up with a snappy title if my life depended on it.
* PungeonMaster - To the point of getting threatened with murder.
* YKTTW : Launched article ratio tends to go towards infinity.