Tropers / Gate Dragon

Gate Dragon, who she is, no one knows.

I've lurked around here for quite a while, but after making several SG-1 wicks on Bar Brawl and Banned from Argo, I finally decided to get known.

Started the YKTTW for Worst Aid after Ronon pulling the impaling metal out of Sheppard's leg on Stargate Atlantis set off my "That is not correct first aid!" bells in a particularly loud way. Mostly obsessed with altering red links that are red because the name of the page isn't quite right. And adding Stargate examples to the Wiki.

Plays two Play-by-Post Games RPG's, Aftermath and Prodigy City of Supers Known on Aftermath as Jen Stevens or Greg Shelder when IC, and DragonGate when not. Known as Sewer Thing on Prodigy.

Serves in the military, three years and some change as of now.