Gadeel has always found so interesting to find something new, to find how RealityIsUnrealistic, how complex and contradictory so much of ''everything'' is... basically, how much life is so much fun. In it, you'll never have a dull moment.

More mundanely than his way of thinking, Gadeel is a gamer, an anime fan, a bookworm and a lover of history and philosophy. Funnily enough, his interest in all of them are interconnected, with the interest in history and philosophy starting after what he read in a book, what he saw in a game or show or whatever piqued his curiosity during school. [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Amazing what attention deficiency can do for you...]]

He helped start the ''{{Demonbane}}'', ''{{Killzone}}'', ''UntilDeathDoUsPart'', ''KoeDeOshigoto'', ''UrbanChaosRiotResponse'' and ''TheBardsTale'' pages, as well contributed examples to other pages.