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I'm a 30-something overeducated temp, born in New Jersey, raised in western Massachusetts, and now happily ensconced in Boston. Proudly representing multiple stereotypes of my home state, I'm a liberal pinko lefty, a perpetual satellite of academia, of Irish ancestry, foul-mouthed especially on the T or the road, and consider maple syrup to be Serious Business. I'm happily married to fandom and a bit of a loner.

My Character Sheet:

Media I love (warning, entry pimping may occur):

     Literature (science fiction and fantasy) 

     Literature (other) 

     Live Action TV 


     Video Games 

     Interactive Fiction 
  • The work of Emily Short, particularly Galatea, A Dark and Stormy Entry (probably the funniest game I've ever played), and Bronze.
  • Suzanne Britton's Worlds Apart

     Fan Works 


     Newspaper Comics 

     Tabletop Games 


     Web Original 


  • FRUITY OATY BARS! I demand to know if you really do make people bust out of their blouses! Do you also cause mouse-to-human mutation? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! - FringeBenefits
    • In answer to your questions: the former, on occasion *wicked grin*. The latter, fortunately no, because then I'd have some unwanted roommates.