Tropers / Franticrat

"That picture is cute, even when asking 'What do you mean cute? D='"

"XXX... it just reminds me of two things. Murders and porn."

"Insert Perverted Comment here"

Franticrat is here without being here. Wait... what?

Has been guilty of:

Has messed with:

The Zoo

Laruit Bryant

  • Arms Dealer: At least, she works in a arms shop. She also runs errands for her boss.
  • Cigar Chomper: She constantly carries about a box of cigarettes and often bites on them, even though they're not always lit
  • Deadpan Snarker: Main method of communication really.
    "Well if nothing else, he can clean the floor with his ass when it gets it kicked all over the room."
    * Recovered Addict: Well, for alcohol anyways. She still smokes

Weiss Lamna Karcharias

  • Shark Man: All those sharp teeth and a tail too.