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As a big fan of structures and categories, I thought I'd d organize my contributer page in such a fashion that the info about me is divided into categories.

my life and me in general

stuff I like includes

  • I enjoy
  • I'm interested in
    • animation history
    • history in general
    • other countries and politics
  • Despite my distrust of big corporations in general and Disney in particular (after reading The Mouse Betrayed and this), I really enjoy Disney movies.

specific stories I'm a fan of include

tropes present in my life include

  • Big Eater: My parents have often accused me of being this, and my family's pets would probably eat even more if we let them.
  • Big, Friendly Dog: My family's dog is medium-sized compared to other dogs I've seen and isn't likely to knock someone over, but otherwise this trope describes her perfectly.
  • The Bully: I was picked on by several over the course of my school years
  • Cats Are Mean: Actually, my family's cats are pretty nice to us, but that doesn't stop them from brutally killing any mice who come to our house.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: me
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In my elementary school years, I frequently retaliated against the aforementioned bullies by physically assaulting them.
  • A Dog Ate My Homework: My family's dog actually did eat my sister's homework, but thankfully she was able to save a piece to convince her teacher of this.
  • Fear of Thunder: My dog has this
  • Hates Being Touched: At my elementary school, there were students who were afraid of even so much as being tapped on the shoulder. I found this weird and funny, so I chased them with my hand outstretched, ready to touch touch them on the shoulder or arm. Looking back at it now, I must say I'm embarrassed by my younger self.
  • Homeschooled Kids: One of my cousins
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: I used too feel this way in school. I now have a couple of friends and don't feel lonely anymore.
  • The '90s and New Tens: My childhood years
  • No Sense of Personal Space: One of my cats has a hillarious tendency to lean really hard against me.
  • Ridiculous Procrastinator: I've been this from time to time.
  • Shrinking Violet: There were periods in my life when I was an example of this (despite being male) but I'm mostly over it now.

Stories I've created include

  • The aMAZEing Corn - A claymation short subject set In a world of round people where three little kids go to a corn maze and are pursued by a pair of villains intent on killing them.
  • A My So-Called Life fan fic called Love and Pain, available at,, and fan - Picking up right where the series left off as Angela ponders the implications of Brian's letter. At the same time, Brian and Rayanne both try to talk to Angela and Patty is still insecure over Hallie
  • A Day At Last Chance (available in two parts at these links: part 1 and part 2) - Another short subject - this one live-action - about a number of odd characters being interviewed at a job placement agency.
  • A series of Hey Arnold! fan fics called Helga's Sessions - Depicts the rest of Helga Pataki's therapy sessions with Doctor Bliss during the rest of season 4 after the episode "Helga On The Couch"
    • The intro, first entry, and a drop-down menu leading to all the other entries are available at a The intro and all entries in the series are also available separately at at the links below.
    • intro.
    • Helga After The Couch - First entry in the series and only one not to depict a session, instead taking place shortly after the first session (from "Helga On The Couch") and two days before the second session. Helga goes home, talks to Phoebe, and thinks about her first therapy session and what therapy with Doctor Bliss might mean for her in the future.
    • Helga's Second Session - Helga and Doctor Bliss discuss Helga's impulse to be mean to Arnold and Miriam's behavior changes during and after the show episode "The Beeper Queen".
    • Helga's Third Session - Helga and Doctor Bliss discuss Helga's cynical worldview, her self-image, and things she's done in the past that she isn't proud of.

My TV Tropes contributions include