I'm back.


Forming Babby has lurked the TVTropes website for years, having only discovered the forums sometime in the summer of 2009.

Vigilante editor, swooping spontaneously across vast fields of tropes, generally adjusting errors of syntax, grammar, and spelling. Adds occasional examples, mainly within the realm of WesternAnimation due to having grown up primarily in TheNineties.

Alternates between long winded prosaic posts and short, abrupt, nonsensical ones when the situation calls for it.

Generally doesn't say anything of particular importance, probably seems trollish a fair amount of the time.

Likes soda, swing music, bandaids, blankets, friendship, solitude, drawing, recreational complaining, The Weather Channel, transistor radios, violins, the sound that pencils make when they knock into each other, thunderstorms, dreams, crooked noses, Fun Dip, being outdoors, being indoors, the penultimate chapters of books, John Steinbeck, getting a good night's sleep, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking jaywalking.]]

Has grown into a well formed babby.

I like some things:

[[folder:Films ]]

* TheSting

* YoungFrankenstein

* BeavisAndButtheadDoAmerica

* {{Jaws}}

* ThePoseidonAdventure

* TripletsOfBelleville

* PlanesTrainsAndAutomobiles

* TheBraveLittleToaster

* DoctorZhivago

* TheProducers (original 1968 film)

* {{Chicago}}


[[folder:Western Animation]]

* KingOfTheHill

* HeyArnold

* SpongebobSquarepants

* EdEddNEddy

* RockosModernLife [[/folder]]

[[folder:Live Action TV]]

* RescueMe

* {{Matlock}}

* Those terrifying shows they always have on the Discovery Health Channel about random ass shit that can happen to you at any goddamn moment

* GoldenGirls [[/folder]]

Satisfy your inner vandal here.

* Okay. Tropers/{{Jimbobbowilly}}