Tropers / Flametail Von Karma

Flametail von Karma is mostly a lurker, but occasionally edits. Notably, she has actually spent so much time on this site that the Browser Narcotic is losing its potency. She aspires to become an author and intends to write under the pseudonym "Rachel Ivar." Flametail is also a member of both Warrior's Wish and Wands And Worlds, albeit very inactive on both, and regularly participates in NaNoWriMo. Never speak to her about the Warrior Cats Fan Dumb. She has very little patience for people who allow Nostalgia Filter to affect their judgment of sequels, and as such avoids the Warriors fandom the best she can while still keeping informed about author tours and release dates.

And yes, the character Flametail was in fact named after her.

This troper enjoys such media as...