Tropers / Find

My name is Find. Well, that's one of them at least. Some small crowd may know me as Deathsinger, [prefix]strider, Nexaduro, Sherwood42, and God knows what else. I'm overly fond of videogames, having learned to cling to a joystick before I could walk, and I have also been accumulating a veritable hoard of Legos since the age of two. I am a fan of literature, primarily dark fantasy and science fiction, as well as the webcomics Looking For Group, Fey Winds, The Zombie Hunters, and Unsounded. My favourite game is the both ancient and spectacular Tyrian 2000, and my favourite book is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.

But that's enough about me; none of that is the reason for my being here. In the near future I plan on chronicling the adventures of The Tavern, a completely unheard of and notably argumentative international Forum Gaming group that, for some reason, calls the Runescape fansite home.

First on my list is what may be the Tavernite's greatest game to date: Space. A game of intrigue, innovation, strategy, explosions, questionable motives, potted plants, tropes, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, and explosions. Wish me luck.

[Space V 2] huzzah!