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Yeah, I joined TV Tropes to help edit it. My real name is Charles Swanson, I live in northwest Georgia, and I am an American. I'm 20 years old, fat, loud, lazy, but not stupid (as would be expected from your typical American; just ask Denis Leary). I also spend most of my time in the day reading TV Tropes if I'm not playing my PS2 or PSP. One would say I'm addicted to it just as I'm addicted to anime such as GaoGaiGar or Gurren Lagann (Hell, or any other Super Robot anime).

My troper-name on here is the name of my personal character for roleplay and comics. His name is Rodriguez Alexander Jones, nicknamed "Finalhazard" or "FH" by his friends because he's the last one you'd see in any sort of trouble. In my comic Tonzura Koite, a Sonic the Hedgehog sprite comic loosely based on Kingdom Hearts (and a parody of action RPGs), he is a Nobody adopted by famed hero Mickey Mouse. He retained fragments of his original heart, and the comic is about him trying to regain the fragments from The Heartless and their vile leader.