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Yeah, welcome to my troper page, I guess.... I happen to like creatures that are....different. I mainly hang around the Forum Games. I'll go add more stuff later. Feel free to vandalize this page! Apply some tropes to me as well.

I also made the Miniforce page, I guess.

Tropes that apply to Fergzilla, by other people

Vandalism goes under here:

I. Vandalize. Your. PAGE! I VANDALIZE IT! -VmKid

Just like one cat leads to another, so does vandalism. -Vanishing Reality

You are now married to— and subsequently in bed with— Big the Cat. You're fucking welcome. -Aramil

Hello, my fine fellow. Have you ever heard of a book called The Search For Delicious? It's quite a good read, and I highly recommend it along with The Westing Game. ~ Aliroz The Confused a.k.a Tropers/ATC