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Morbid & Cynical = Feltbeat in a nutshell.

Hi. This will be edited when I have more time. But thank you for indexing me, whoever it was that did so. I'm relatively new to Tropes, courtesy of Dinru. So far I am enjoying it.

Feltbeat, also known as ButterStalin, is a mostly brain-cell infused being, who tends to drift about the world, observing its many peculiarities. Feltbeat has a peculiar need to point out the most morbid things possible, in the most cynical way imaginable.

The glass is half empty because just as a poor, dying old man was about to drink some, it fell over and spilled all over the carpet. On the verge of death, the old man sucks the water from the carpet, tasting those strings in his mouth, chocking on them, suffocating, holding his breath until there was nothing left - nothing but the half empty glass on the table. Slowly, painfully, the old, decrepit man slipped away into darkness, feeling only that tingle of Death creep upon him, raping him, slowly, deliberately.




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