Tropers / Faradin

Faradin is obligated to refer to himself in the third person while editing this page.

Faradin is the victim of numerous counts of identity theft, specifically, that one dude in Chicago who took the MySpace username from under him, and that other dude (possibly the same one) who went to such extremes as using a character with his name in a LARP. The only true Faradin on the interwebs is the one who tacks the number 2772 onto the end of his name (for most sites anyway). In response to the majority reaction to his mention of his use of MySpace, Faradin must object with the defense that he only made it in order to keep in touch with his out-of-state sister. The appearance of a magical cell-phone negated the reason this MySpace profile exists.

Faradin is an unwilling victim of Nerds Are Sexy, which has spawned his Berserk Button: being compared to a young Leonardo Di Caprio. Raaaaaaaage. Faradin has also been compared to Edward Furlong as John Connor in the second Terminator film. Less of a raaaaaaaage, as this is a standard comparison to all the males in Faradin's immediate family. Faradin lives in Tucson, Arizona, but is curently staying indefinitely in Checotah, Oklahoma (next-door to Carrie Underwood's parents, no less). Because of his severance from society, Faradin is a whoooooore in spreading his AIM and Yahoo handles across the interwebs.

  • AIM ~ yochanan2772
  • Yahoo! ~ iangilbraith

Faradin rejoices in having spread his seed to this Wiki. Triumph.

Faradin is a MOTHERFUCKINGCOCKJUGGLINGFURFAGTHUNDERCUNT. Faradin expresses both humorous detachment and psychological dependency on the Furry Fandom, both traits being essential to his mental stability. Faradin RIPPOSTE'S to this claim of potential mental instability with the firm statement that third person descriptions are meant to entertain others, rather than textually force his awesome upon readers. Faradin is also a victim of Language Decay, his expansive grasp on proper English grammer and extensive vocabulary (expressed only in writing and online chat) withering IRL to a cortex of words consisting of such gems as "fuck" (and all extensions thereof), "SO Nuvabitch", "meh", and "no".

Faradin will conclude this article until a later time requires he splurge about himself some more.