Tropers / Ever Watcher

Occasional gamer, typical optimist, infrequent complainer, die-hard nitpicker. Tends to ramble a bit, in his ongoing effort to adequately summarize the idea for those not already familiar with the background; knows there should be limits to that habit, however. Quite fond of adding many a (relevant) Pot Hole to his favorite series; his happiest troping moments are the times when he figures out which trope best fits what he wants to add, of course. His current interests include:

Donkey Kong Country, Survivor, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime

He hugely enjoys the Troper Tales pages, and will someday have a few to offer. Friends of Really Kool Sobriquet and Just for Pun all the way! (The best rename ever was Infanticide Backfire => Nice Job Breaking It, Herod!. A+!)