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Haven't updated this in the longest time...

A guy from some small-time place known as Whittier, CA (moved to ancestral roots in Manila). Don't ask where that is, use Google Earth. 26, still doesn't drive, and a small-time business owner. It's not much (yet), but it pays the bills.

With my buddy, Fearow's Keeper (not a troper), attempted to work on a project tentatively called Our Paradise, a series of Light Novels set in a sort-of-kind-of Medieval European Fantasy world. With FK ceasing to be responsive (work, I believe), I think it's time to drop this ball and move on.

I have a knack for Play-by-Post Games. If anybody has any recommends, just drop an email at

Launched Sinister Silhouettes. Took a few months, but it was worth it.

Originally YKTTW'd Majorly Awesome. Someone else launched it. I didn't notice. But well, I can at least take credit for YKTT Wing it... right?

As I am just too damn lazy to put down a list of my favorite tropes, I'll just insert one here once in awhile, starting with:

Same goes for favorite anime/things, so in the meantime, I'll start with maybe three...

Anime/things on my 'to watch/read/etc list':

I suffer from a very odd case of Hype Aversion. In particular, it doesn't matter how many times something is pimped on TV Tropes. If it's generally good and garners my interest, I'll probably watch it when I have the time. Or if somebody suggests ONCE that I check it out.

However, if somebody I know discusses it with me more than once without me having see it yet, pimps it to me more than once, or outright acts like an insufferably annoying Fan Boy / Fangirl of it in my presence, then the chances of me checking it out have just gone from 90% to 0%.

I don't give a flying frag if you think I'm going to like it, or how awesome you think it is. Hell, I don't give a flying frag how awesome I'm going to think it is should I actually watch it. I'm. Not. Touching. It.

Things that have been unfortunately (I say unfortunately, because I'm sure they're genuinely good) scarred by my particular case of Hype Aversion:

Songs that are currentlyburrowed into my brain like worms and compel me to play them over and over: