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Hi tv tropes, long time reader, first time figuring out how to use the editing tools-er. I spent most of my life as a closeted sci-fi nerd, but then college hit and I quickly jumped off the slippery slope. Comics I'm still getting into, but I'm a pro on video games, sci-fi, roleplaying games, tv, film, and media in general. I can also quote Buffy like an encyclopedia of thing said on Buffy being quoted by someone. I'm currently trying to reconcile my longtime ban against even entertaining the possibility of writing or extensively reading fanfic with my desire to write a story about Alan Moore acquiring a powerful relic that allows him to break the Truce of the Worlds and use magic against mortals, subsequently going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against anyone remotely involved in the film adaptations of his work. The only hope to preserve the truce is a dark, brooding man with little magical talent who gets by on knowing the supernatural like the back of his hand and just generally being a Magnificent Bastard: Neil Gaiman.