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Its a play on a Russian word for a hand grenade, but thats not important right now.

Hi. I am a troper, as you can probably figure out. I am in high school as a senior as of this edit. I live in the general area of The Windy City, although I wish I lived elsewhere.

I intend to go to school as an artist, since art stuff is the only kind of thing I'm actually good at. Unfortunately my drawing skills could be fairly closely reproduced by a blind preschooler with alcohol poisoning. My writing skills are reportedly better, not that this page does me any justice.

I realise this article isn't very good, but I really don't feel like typing anymore right now. Just wanted you to know I exist.

(This really should say "contributor page" at the top, like other ones. I don't know how to fix that. If you do, then would you be so kind as to fix that so people don't think someone was stupid enough to name a TV show as such?)