A 29 year old Half-Black Half-Japanese Otaku. I enjoy Anime, Music, Professional Wrestling(TNA and WWE fan and former WWE Wrestler) and Video Games. In between spending time on this website I help my wife raise our two twin daughters.
Most {{badass}} troper to ever grace the wiki, and SoCoolItsAwesome personified. [[SincerityMode Seriously.]] ~melloncollie

Seconding what mellon said. ~WilliamWideWeb.

Elmer: Living the life we all wish we could live. ~ {{Schitzo}}

Hello, you're a very Cool Guy. -signed, {{Kinkajou}}

Awesomely awesome... there are no words. --OuttaTheBLAM

Get well soon Elmer! ~melloncollie again

YOUR AWESOMENESS IS THE AWESOMENESS THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS! But not too soon, because we like you right where you are here on Earth. Get well soon! :D -FreezairForALimitedTime

You give Kamina and [[spoiler:post-TimeSkip]] Simon a run for their money! - {{Mapi}}

We won't ever forget you, Elmer. Rest in Peace.

The Legend Will Never Die -- {{Schitzo}}

RIP Elmer. We will miss you lots. ~melloncollie

Goodnight, Elmer. ~ {{Inkblot}}

Rest in peace. We all loved you very much. - KrisMahai

Sleep well honey. I know we'll all meet again someday - {{Miss Nayoung}}

Bang - {{Phrederic}}

I didn't get the chance to know you very well, but all of TV Tropes will miss you. Me too, for that matter. Watch over us, okay? We'll carry the torch of your memory on! -{{Tofu}}

A bit of the lightheartedness and love left the forums with you. You touched a great many people in ways that may be known only to them. - {{Madrugada}}

I know you're watching your children play and smiling, like they used to make you.