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Hi I'm Elecyan

I am very interested in tropes because I like writing and I like to incorporate new ideas and tropes to my work. I usually write contemporary fantasy and high school related themes. I have yet to finish writing a book and publish one but I do it for the writing not the fame.

I have an Imaginary best friend who I like to hold conversations with and solve real-life problems. I have had him for nine years and still running. I also have an imaginary husband because I just to show affection? I can still distinguish reality and the imaginary.

I am in college studying to become a pediatric psychiatrist. Why Psychiatry? Because I want to help children avoid a Fate worse than death and it's best to stop the problem when it's at it's early stages. I also am very interested in psychology and abnormal psychology because of the connection I have made with it. I also like children because they are so fun and adorable.

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