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I'm one of the myriad people who lurked quietly on this site before joining. In my case, it was through my ever-persistent habit of spotting things and saying "That is wrong!", then feeling the need to correct them. If I changed something of yours, and you were happy with it, I'm sorry. Send me a PM, change it back, just let's not start an edit war please? Thanks. <3

I'll add more stuff as I go along, probably. I'm just jotting down some stuff here so that I don't have a blank page glaring at me.

... So hi! I'm Electrosa, which is the name of a Pokémon I made up several years ago. Three guesses what type it was - two of those guesses don't count. I discovered TV Tropes through xkcd (I'm sure that's where alot of you came from, heehee), and have been hopelessly, hopelessly addicted since.

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