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Something something Self-Deprecation.

Computer scientist (kinda rusty in the "scientist" department), software developer, beginning bassist, trash-talker and erratic improviser, all of it developed when not too busy whining, self-shaming or overthinking his own shortcomings in general.

Currently looking for anything from a jam session to an interesting project or a new relationship (friendly or more).

Oh right, stuff I like!

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Mostly fantasy, sci-fi, teh funnies or more than one.

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It's a Long Story. OK, it's not, but I never managed to explain it properly.

Let's try it anyway: as time passes I tend to gravitate towards a handful of bands, based on things such as related interests, hearing a couple songs and finding them quite good or my current state of mind.

Since this whole process yields mostly well-known-but-not-mainstream-level bands, The Law of Fan Jackassery hits many of them hard, so maybe my tendency to never hang around fandoms is a good thing after all.

Some examples sitting around on my mp3 player at the time of this writing:

...well, looking at the list above you can identify two things: a lot of those bands have prolific frontmen engaged in many side projects (some quite interesting in their own right) and even more don't bother sticking to a well-defined genre.

Things might change in the near future since I'm learning to play an instrument (the bass) at the moment.

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