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Huzzah! I'm Eilios. I'm a bit of a lurker on this site, but I still do stuff on occasion. And by stuff, I mean "editing tropes" and "adding entries" and "adding tropes" and "editing entries". Mostly lurking, though. My age is undetermined everywhere I go, but I'm definitely male. Definitely. I enjoy playing indie games(usually live, it's what I do), writing fiction(or just speculating for hours on what happens in there), making art(sometimes 3d), occasionally programming, and other stuff. I speak English, French, Japanese, and several other fictional languages which will not be mentioned due to time constraints. Guess which two I barely do? You may know me from sites that you do know me from, in which case, feel free to contact me about them there, not here. Unless you don't, then don't, because you can't.

Recently, however, I have gotten into tons of music production of the electronic variety. Unfortunately, because of the music production's inherent time constraints, it's hard to stay on top of anything, but I try very hard to avoid Schedule Slip in everything I do.

Proud member of KNIVES!

I made Unregistered this. I hope you enjoy it!