Tropers / Eigenvalue

Hi, everybody. I've wasted months worth of time on this venerable wiki, but only just joined officially. Well, this is it. I'm a Troper now. Pleased to meet you all.

A few bits of information about, that's not right...a few bytes? I haven't taken computer programming yet.

First off, I'm a girl.

Er...I'm going to college in the fall and hope to major in math. (Technically I'm at college now. MIT!)

I'm not as stupid as I sound here. (When I figure out how to link to trope pages this will most likely go to Suspiciously Specific Denial.)

I'm 15, almost 16, and if my mom finds out I gave my age and gender on a public forum she's probably going to kill me.

I love Star Wars, Star Trek, math, and physics.